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Leaky Gut Syndrome – Fact or Profiteering?

Summary (simple language) The Leaky Gut Syndrome states that the gut is a garden hose with holes in it. Food components and bacteria enter the body through these holes. There they give rise to infections and illnesses. This is not true. The intestine is a highly complex organ that by its very nature has “holes”…


A mobile food diary for food intolerances and allergies

Histamine Intolerance Awareness often cooperates with the Food Intolerance Network, whose website also covers other food intolerances. One of the cooperative projects is a new food and symptoms diary app. The Food Intolerance Network has kindly given permission to forward the information about the mobile food diary app on Genny’s blog. It is very, very…


Exclusivinterview: 10 Fragen & Antworten über Histaminintoleranz

This is the German version  of the article “Exclusive: 10 questions answered about Histamine Intolerance” for our visitors from the German language area! Dieses Interview dient zur Information bezüglich der Diagnose einer Histaminintoleranz. Prof. Dr. med Martin Raithel, Oberarzt am Universitätsklinikum Erlangen, und seine Kollegen in Deutschland und Österreich beschäftigen sich bereits seit langem mit…