This campaign, with the help of a large number of supporters, aims to raise awareness of histamine intolerance (HIT) and be a growing source of information for those who suffer from the condition.

There are many who are looking for information on the internet, but who often instead find websites that may be more directed at selling them empty promises rather than giving them the ability to be independent. Up to now there has been no reliable treatment where there is general agreement that it really does work. Different food lists have raised different questions among those who track them down, especially because they vary slightly. The food list on this website has been adopted from the German language area and has met with much agreement and been used with plenty of success. However, it is only a guideline. You can find more about that in the relevant section.

This website does not advertise any medical products or supplements, but aims at enabling those whose lives are ruled by this condition to turn the tables to some degree. The campaign also strives to emphasise the importance of the food diary, which is also an essential tool for the medical professional and/or the registered dietician to find out whether a person has HIT or not. Misdiagnosis or imagining that one might have it does not help. Dietetic associations can be found in the useful links section.

The information provided on this website is definitely not intended for use as part of self-diagnosis or a self-constructed dietary plan. It is by no means an alternative option to visiting your GP, a qualified nutritionist or a dietician. You must not use the information on this website as a means of self-diagnosis otherwise you risk doing yourself serious harm (see Terms and Conditions).

Please quote this website if you want to use any information from here to share and help us raise awareness.