Managing your diet

Your best bet to take control of HIT

Are you confused by symptoms triggered by unidentifiable causes? Do you think it may be something to do with food? Do you think you may have an allergy, but your doctor assures you it is not?

Do you react badly to even small amounts of red wine? Are you trying to get to the bottom of why you have continuous spontaneous bowel problems? Ever heard of histamine intolerance (HIT)?


More than 5 000 happy readers

  • Yet, as Genny Masterman says in her excellent guide for sufferers, What HIT Me? Living with Histamine Intolerance, few doctors in Britain are even aware of HIT.

    Bee Wilson
    The Telegraph Newspaper (UK)
  • I found a lot of good info in this book and it has helped me enormously. I get quite frustrated with doctors in this country (UK) because they are so far behind with food intolerance and related illnesses. It is a great read and easy to follow so I recommend it to anyone needing help on this subject.

    Ms Geraldine Ann Ford
  • I bought this book because I am housebound with numerous intolerances and sensitivities. It is comforting to know that there many people all over the world suffering the same problems and prejudice. The theories presented in the book are backed up by mainstream charities and doctors but when you are desperate, you will listen to any advice or information just in case it could help you. I am still not sure the theory actually applies to me but I am glad I read it because I learned so much from it and it led me on to other books and information.

  • This book is excellent and I found it by mistake whilst looking for other information. It has become my bible and I constantly refer to it. I just wish that the condition was taken as seriously as it should be because so many people are being mis-treated when they have HIT.
    Thank you Genny for literally giving me my life back!

    happy reader