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Guidelines for all members of the group – read this before you start:

· This group has been created to exchange information about food, recipes and your experiences within the context of Histamine Intolerance only.
· Do not post links to commercial websites or pictures of products of any kind here. Do not promote businesses, especially not your own.
· Discussions about astrology, politics or religion are not for this forum.
· Spammers and repeat offenders will be banned. Two strikes and you’re out.
· If you want to share other websites please do this outside of the group.
· If you see that someone is not respecting the guidelines please report the post by using the “Report to Admin” button under the arrow at the top right of the post concerned.
· Please keep in mind that you are not allowed to diagnose other people or give medical advice in this group! If you do your message will be deleted.
· Please stick to the subject that matters here – Histamine Intolerance.
· Not sure what HIT is? For some basic knowledge read the Histamine Intolerance Awareness website (
· For more in-depth knowledge read the medical paper by Maintz & Novak called “Histamine and histamine intolerance ( ).
· You are welcome to use the “Files” section exclusively to upload recipes which you have personally created. Please do not upload any other files. No logos or recipes from websites outside this group.
· Please be kind and respectful in your communications. We are here to help one another.
· Remember that our members come from many countries and cultures. If you comment on their posts, keep it polite and simple. Do not make or encourage comments that are defamatory, false, misleading, insulting, threatning, abusive, obscene, of sexual nature, offensive, racist, sexist or homophobic.
· If you haven’t yet, please read the description of the group.
· These guidelines may be amended at any time as the administrators see fit.
· Please do not comment on this post – any answers to this post will be deleted.